How to Get Rich and Famous

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Everybody wants to be rich and famous. That’s understandable. It means we’ve got food in our tummy, a roof over our heads, friends and more.

But we can’t all be kings. That wouldn’t work. Everyone walking around in a crown and robes, waving a mitre and sceptre. Who’d pick up after them? Seriously though, even in the modern context, take the rich elite, call them “kings” and ask whether there’s enough stuff, enough land and so on to go around if everyone is like them? Of course not.

So if the pyramid of power doesn’t work, how can we all be rich and famous?

By knowing what it really means to be rich and famous. That’s a first step in liberating your potential and thriving. That’s what this book is about and reading it will help you understand the nature of the system we live in and envision a path to a more creative, fulfilling, more human world.